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Deep Cleaning Services

Spic And Span Commercial And Residential Cleaning Services LLC provides detailed, deep house cleaning services, entailing the routine house cleaning and more. Having been in business since 2013, the cleaning crew at Spic And Span Commercial And Residential Cleaning Services LLC has the knowledge and experience to provide you with complete deep house cleaning. Whether it's a house, condo, apartment, office, or rental property, you can be assured to thorough, satisfaction guaranteed deep cleaning, from top to bottom.

Seasonal Deep Cleaning Services

A change of seasons often will inspire people to clean (or at least to want their house cleaned). Go out, enjoy the weather. Spend time with your loved ones. Leave the cleaning to Spic And Span Commercial And Residential Cleaning Services LLC. Quarterly deep cleanings are a great opportunity to get your home back to "baseline" an d start fresh! We'll get under, between and behind your belongings to give you a deep, thorough clean! Call today for a free quote: (470) 205-4090

Some of our deep cleaning services include:

  • Dusting - walls, furniture, cabinets,

  • Vacuuming carpets

  • Mopping floors

  • Dusting Blinds

  • Mirrors cleaning

  • Kitchen cleaning

  • Cabinet degreasing

  • Bathroom cleaning

  • Scrub bathtubs, sinks, toilets

  • Polish chrome and stainless steel

  • Furniture polishing

  • Trash Removal

  • Cobweb Removal

  • Something we've missed, just ask!

Why choose Spic And Span

Every employee wears a photo ID badge.

Mobiles are custom wrapped for easy identification.

We are a fully insured nationally ranked brand.

All work is backed by our exclusive “Streak-Free Guarantee”.

We offer multiple services to maintain your home.

Our services are more affordable than you think.

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